Will the ending of One Piece Surpass Attack on Titan Finale?

Will the ending of One Piece Surpass Attack on Titan Finale

Attack on Titan Finales holds immense significance in the hearts of fans, shaping their lasting impressions of a masterpiece. On the other hand, One Piece, another titan of the anime world, is hurtling toward its climactic conclusions. As the anticipation builds, fans find themselves wondering: will the ending of One Piece surpass the impactful Attack on Titan ending?

The Scale of the Final Conflict

In Attack on Titan, the battle for humanity’s survival against the Titans escalated into a cataclysmic war that spanned continents. The stakes were colossal, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.

One Piece, on the other hand, has been building up to the ultimate war involving the Straw Hat Pirates, the Revolutionary Army, and multiple empires. The scale of this conflict promises to be monumental, possibly dwarfing the intensity of Attack on Titan.

Hype and Expectations: One Piece vs Attack on Titan Finale

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager | Courtesy of MAPPA

The hype surrounding both series’ endings is palpable. Attack on Titan concluded with shocking revelations and emotional depth, fulfilling several long-standing character arcs. Fans had high expectations, and the series managed to meet them, leaving a lasting impact.

One Piece, a series renowned for its intricate plot and character development, has set the bar exceptionally high. The anticipation for how loose ends will tie up, particularly the mystery of the One Piece itself, generates unparalleled excitement. If One Piece manages to deliver on these expectations, it could exceed the hype generated by Attack on Titan.

Impact on the Medium of Anime

Attack on Titan undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the anime landscape. Its dark themes, complex characters, and intense storytelling pushed the boundaries of what anime could achieve. It became a gateway series for newcomers and an example of the medium’s potential for depth and maturity.

If One Piece concludes with a finale that not only satisfies long-time fans but also attracts new audiences, it could redefine how epic, long-running series are perceived in the anime world. But of course, both the anime and the manga have been going strong, with One Piece 1098 on the horizon. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of everything One Piece.

Potential Controversy and Impact

One Piece 1096 Here's all the Revealed Members of the Rocks Pirates
Image Courtesy of Toei Animation

However, there’s a flip side to this anticipation. If One Piece takes a route that proves to be controversial like the Attack on Titan Ending, it might stir intense debates within the fanbase. Controversial endings, while sparking discussions, can also lead to divided opinions and heated arguments among fans.

If One Piece dares to challenge conventional conclusions, it may face scrutiny, with some fans embracing the bold narrative choices and others vehemently opposing them. This controversy, while potentially polarizing, could, in itself, become a defining moment for the series, adding to its legacy. Can you Imagine Buggy becoming the Pirate King?


As fans eagerly await the conclusion of One Piece, the anime world braces itself for what could potentially be historic moments, shaping the future of anime storytelling.

The question of which series will emerge as the ultimate victor in the eyes of fans is one that only time and exceptional storytelling will answer. Attack on Titan Finale has raised the bar astronomically, but One Piece sure has the potential to surpass it.

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