What is Hyperventilation anime all about?

What is Hyperventilation anime all about?

Hyperventilation anime, though not as popular as compared to other BL anime such as Yuri on Ice or Junjou Romantica, is a very short but worth giving a shot if you are into BL, kind of anime. If you haven’t watched the anime yet, in this article we’ll breakdown the Hyperventilation anime for you and explore its artistic brilliance.

Origin of Hyperventilation

A still from Hyperventilation anime
A still from Hyperventilation anime (Image via ABJ COMPANY Studio)

Hyperventilation anime is actually based on a Korean Manhwa of only 6 chapters Written by Bboong Bbang Kkyu in 2017. The success of this short manhwa led to the anime of 6 episodes (each lasting for about 3 minutes), under the craftsmanship of ABJ Company Studio, immediately after its release. Despite being pretty short, Hyperventilation also has its very own web-novel released in 2020. 

What is Hyperventilation anime about?

A still from Hyperventilation anime
A still from Hyperventilation anime (Image via ABJ COMPANY Studio)

Before exploring the plot, it is important to understand the title, why is the anime called Hyperventilation? Well, the plot revolves around Lee Myongi, who supposedly has a hole in his lungs which causes him to hyperventilate and throw fits of coughs. Myongi is also a socially awkward person and does not get along well with any character other than Han Sunho. Sunho realizes that Myongi likes him and develops interests in him. 

Story overview

Myongi and Sunho inHyperventilation anime
Myongi and Sunho inHyperventilation anime (Image via ABJ COMPANY Studio)

Hyperventilation artfully weaves its story between two timelines: the present and the past of both of these characters. 

The story starts in a school reunion where Myongi and Sunho, now 27, come face to face once more. As they interact in the present, flashbacks transport us to when they were 18 and still in school. Myongi’s recurring coughing episodes serve as a bridge to the past. Sunho takes him to the nurse’s office and it initiates Sunho’s growing fascination with Myongi. 

  • Back in the present, Myongi and Sunho’s connection intensifies as they share a kiss and moments of intimacy. They decide to spend the night together, a decision that includes Sunho removing his wedding ring at Myongi’s request. 
  • Morning brings a moment of reckoning as Sunho realizes he has left Myongi’s side. As Myongi awakens and contemplates the wedding ring placed on his finger, he is gripped by a surge of emotions. He rushes to find Sunho but is at a loss for words.

However, for Myongi, reality is not what he thinks, contrary to appearances, Sunho is not married, and the ring is merely a facade. This revelation relieves Myongi of his misconceptions and the two love-birds are brought together again.

The art and animation

A still from Hyperventilation anime
A still from Hyperventilation anime (Image via ABJ COMPANY Studio)

The art in Hyperventilation anime is raw yet the use of colour blue as a backdrop creates an aesthetically pleasing style of animation. Though the anime is pretty explicit and gives way too much NSFW content within just 20 minutes, it is of Yaoi genre so such themes can be expected. The direction of anime is very good where both timelines are shown in chopped up parts to provide more light to the character’s background. Though the animation is not upto the mark, background music (Clair De Lune) and artstyle make up for it. 

Is it worth a watch?

The whole anime is only 20 minutes long, so even if you are not into such anime, it cannot be considered a waste of time to give this anime a shot. Although, the anime is R rated and should not be watched by anyone below the legal age stipulated by their respective country’s law. Overall this anime is worth a watch for a BL fan, especially for its art, characters and voice-acting.


In conclusion, Hyperventilation anime is worth a watch for every adult BL fan out there, it is a feel-good anime about two lovers uniting after many years, setting aside their misunderstanding and confessing their love to each other. Even if the story is pretty simple to grasp, the underlying emotions of characters are not, so you better watch it yourself and decide.

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